So many writers and philosophers speak only of what they're against. This is what I'm for.

I am for the life lived off-trail. I am for the life that navigates its own course over hills of difficulty, past obstructions of circumstance, along streams of calm that break into rapids, always seeking the next summit and most fertile valleys. 

I am for old men dancing with abandon, and young children nodding with sagely wisdom. I am for a life of defiantly hard cocks and unapologetically wet vaginas. I am for a life of teeth tearing into flesh fresh from the kill, and potatoes pulled straight from the ground. 

I am for a life of intense sessions of semi-hypnotic states of mutual fascination between lovers. I am for a life of implicit trust in another intelligent entity apart from one's self. I am for hours passed in silence, and going out of one's way to make another laugh. 

I am for a life that actively fights staleness and stagnation. I don't want to go more than a few months without a change in lifestyle or without reaching a milestone. I am for a life that lives unashamed, and calmly pushes away people who frankly, have a stick up their butt. 

I am for a life that is self defined, and evolving. I am for life that is self-sustaining, and mutually cooperative. I am for a life where a contract is merely the record of a promise, and honor is the only necessary enforcement. I am for a life lived with a gun on the hip, always ready, with luck, never needed. And speaking of good luck, I am for life that welcomes it, but does not rely on miracles. 

I'm for a life that never stoops, and never bows. 

I'm for a life that fights death, while being unafraid of it.