The Andro Standard

What is it?

It's my personal philosophy extended into the domain of business.

What does it mean?

It means I and my team are constantly pushing to be at the forefront of our business model: delivering the fastest, highest quality product that can with whatever budget our client brings to us.


I have experience with both film and digital cameras of all types. While there are hundreds on the market, with prices from hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands, none of them are unfamiliar to me.

I have worked with a camera every day for over 10 years. I work out every day not spent on set to maintain my strength and endurance so that 16-hour production days are no problem. I practice religiously to maintain and build my skill set. You will not find a freelance filmmaker as committed as I am.  That's quite a claim, but I'm more than happy to back it up. 


The biggest money-hole in filmmaking is not the equipment, exotic locations or the size of the crew. The greatest cost is in time. Every production day has a price tag, and if those days are slow, you're going to need more production days. The faster you can operate, the more you can get done in a day, the less days you need.

Taking advantage of technological advances, we have streamlined production workflow, emphasizing speed without cutting quality:

The normal way, moving and adjusting a light requires pulling up its power cable, moving the light, taping down the cable so no one trips on it, lowering the light on its stand, making the adjustment, putting it back up, and possibly lowering and adjusting it again.

Our way, with 100% battery powered, remote operable lights, we just move the light, and dial in our adjustments.

That's just one example. Unloading gear, staging, lighting, setting camera, moving location, striking the set, we have made everything faster.


We show up early. We work in any conditions, at any time, without complaint. We do our jobs, and we do them exceedingly well.