My Mission

The framework I focus on has three pillars, compassion, empowerment, and intellectual proficiency. 

Without compassion, a person is going to build a life in which people actively exclude them, there is an air of hostility in most interactions, and that person feels unfulfilled. 

Without empowerment, a person will be trampled by people like the one described above. 

Without intellectual proficiency, a person will not know what to do with their power, or how to help the people that they care about. In all likelihood, they’ll end up doing more harm than good.

These three pillars are not the only things necessary to being fulfilled, actualized, or indeed, happy. They are, in co-existence, however, the three things that I see as most urgently lacking in our society. Plenty of people have one or two; very few have all three.

My mission is to correct this as best as I can in one-on-one conversations, in how I live my life, and with media.

My Methods


I work primarily as a freelance filmmaker. This allows me to acquire and maintain film equipment and a network within the industry, which means that I have the power of a small film studio at my disposal. This is the power to make a point. This is the power to inform, to educate, and to edify.

While I'll work professionally on virtually any project, my own work focuses for the most part on the three pillars described above

Still images:

I focus on creating work that makes a necessary point that I don't see others making. Whether a shameless celebration of sex or a poignant remark on trauma, I believe that art is a form of communication, and I won't bother to communicate unless I actually have something to say.


I write scripts for my film projects, poems, I'm working on a book and am currently setting up my monthly email Muse-Letter dedicated to discussing philosophy, art, and how we live.